Holidays are tough.  Family comes in.  Fights happen.  Tempers flare.  Let’s look at seven ways to help you and your family have fun and keep your sanity this Thanksgiving.

  1. Pick someone in your life you are grateful for and write them a letter telling them why.

  2. Instead of watching TV after dinner, get up and go for a family walk.  (Okay maybe wait an hour to let that turkey settle).

  3. Put out a dry erase board while the family is getting ready for dinner. Have everyone write things they are grateful for. See if you can get your board full by the time you start dinner then talk about the things on your board while you eat.

4. Watch home video’s together as a family. If you have extended family coming, you can tell them all to bring some of their favorite video’s to share.

5. Make a blessing jar. Just grab on old jar and have your family decorate it. Then spend the next year writing things you are grateful for on slips of paper and putting them in the jar. Next Thanksgiving, open your jar and read all your blessings over the last year.

6. Have a thankful tablecloth. Run to the store and grab a plain white table cloth. Use this during Thanksgiving dinner. Then sometime during dinner everyone trace their hand with a permanent marker and write what they are grateful for. Save this and use it every year. It will be fun to look back and see what you wrote in the past.

7. Thankful Bags: Before dinner, give everyone a brown paper bag. The kids can decorate their bags. Tell everyone to write why they are grateful for each member of the family. Then during dinner, everyone take turns reading what they wrote. You can also turn this into a game and have everyone try to guess who they are taking about with each note.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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